PCB ---- Building Tomorrow’s Technology

Industries Served

1) Networking/Communication

2) Medical/Industrial/Instrumentation

3) Computing/Storage

4) Automotive

5) Cellular Phone

6) ATE/Probe Card/BIB

a) Mass Production

b) High Mix Low Volume

c) Prototype

d) Quick Turn


- Class 3 PCB

- 1 Layer to 60 Layers

- Plated Through Hole, Silver Through Hole, Carbon Through Hole, Copper Paste Through Hole

- Special Material, Roger, Nelco, Taconic, Dupont, Polymide, Getek with hybrid construction, Hi-frequency material, High Speed Material, Heavy Copper UL approved 6oz Cu and Production to 12oz Cu, RF & Microwave PCB

- Thermal dissipation PCB, Metal Core, Wire PCB, Buss Bar, Coin Insertion PCB, Embedded Heatsink

- HDI Substrate PCB. Any Layers, +VIPPO

- Buried Capacitance, Buried Resistance, Buried Inductance

- Rigid Flex 16 Layers with Embedded Components

- Line Width Spacing 2/2 mil

- High Aspect Ratio with Back Drill 18:1

- ISO9001/IATF16949/ISO13485/ISO14001